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Permaculture cares for people

Would you like to....

               Live more sustainably?

Reconnect with nature?

                                        Meet like-minded people?

Then permaculture is for you!

Having fun creating beneficial connectionsMaybe you've heard of the word, but you're not quite sure what it means. Organic gardening perhaps? Trees? Transition  towns? Well, permaculture is a way of connecting together all these things & many others besides. It's about putting things in their best place & creating beneficial connections between them. Permaculture gives us simple tools to create effective & sustainable designs - that we can apply to anything we do.

...And it's something we can all learn.

So what's it about? Well, permaculture is modelled on natural systems, where everything is connected & nothing is ever wasted. Nature has been perfecting itself for billions of years & so we can learn a lot by simply observing how eco-systems function. When we do this, we observe patterns, both in time (like seasons) & also in space (different shapes). By studying these patterns, we can derive a set of principles to guide us in creating equally sustainable ways of living.

All roads lead to permaculture! Learning permaculture design has the potential to totally change your life. With these simple understandings, you can make informed choices that give you back a real sense of empowerment. You can feel good about your interactions with others & this beautiful Earth on which we live. Nature depends upon the constant exchanges that take place between species, for it's dynamic stability. Through permaculture, you will find inspiration, new friends, & new ways to make a positive difference in the World. Come with us & we will show you how.

Keen to learn permaculture? We offer you a selection of courses to increase your permaculture understanding, starting with short introductory taster days and weekends, though you can jump straight in at the full design course level if you wish. We deliver the Permaculture Association (Britain) certified permaculture design course certificate, both in a two-week residential and as a six-weekend format, to suit your own needs. A residential permaculture course provides you with an intensive and focused learning experience at an inspiring venue, whereas the weekends format allows you to take more time over your learning journey. Click here to find out more.

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