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Hannah Thorogood
Hannah has a BSc Environmental Studies from Manchester University & an MSc Organic Farming from Scottish Agricultural College. Her first experiences of permaculture were in New Zealand on a range of abundant, stunningly beautiful permaculture small holdings. She then went on to assist her teacher Joe Polaischer on a teaching and design tour in Austria. Hannah has been working full time in Permaculture ever since, completing her TOT (Training of Permaculture Teachers) in 2004 and her diploma in 2005. Hannah has had her fingers in many Permaculture pies (or rather cakes). She is a diploma tutor, has helped to develop the current diploma system as part of the Interim Diploma Development Team and is now part of the Diploma Working Group. Hannah became a founding member of the Permaculture Council for Europe in 2006 and was actively involved until 2010. Hannah has also organised a number of national permaculture events. She has coordinated the permaculture area of the Big Green Gathering since 2006 and has coordinated the British Permaculture Convergences in 2006, 2008 and 2010. After living off grid for 2 years with her young family, in 2010 the right land was found. They are currently developing the field in Lincolnshire, ‘The Inkpot’ into a permaculture demonstration site and education centre.