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Looby Macnamara
Looby is interested in pursuing how peoplecare can lead to greater and more effective planet repair. Over the last 2 years she has been writing a book exploring peoplecare and permaculture in depth. Her book People and Permaculture was published in March 2012. Click here for more details, reviews and to order.

See below for Looby's courses and events this year.

Looby was first inspired by permaculture when eating a flower salad from a 6 foot square patio garden bursting with vitality in the middle of an urban jungle. From this she went on to be further inspired by doing her permaculture course in Brighton. It was not only the content of the course but how it was taught that led her on the path to teaching permaculture. She felt empowered and confident by the creative techniques that were used. Her path over the last ten years has been life changing and has affirmed the belief that we can all take positive action to benefit ourselves, our communities and our planet. As part of her Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design she included several non land-based designs as well as the more traditional land-based ones. She is interested in how we can use Permaculture principles, ethics and design in all aspects of life. She completed the Certificate in Adult Education which provided a solid foundation for her teaching, and has allowed her to think about how we can teach effectively and efficiently.

She has supported the development and growth of permaculture nationally through her input on the council of management of the Permaculture Association (Britain) for 5 years (2001-2006) and was Chairperson for the last 2 years. She co-ordinated the Permaculture NetTogether in 2004;  as part of the 21st anniversary celebrations of the Permaculture Association. She runs a fair trade business Spirals of Abundance importing organic cotton clothes and handicrafts from Nepal.  She has produced a permaculture report to support the Lammas low impact living initiative ecovillage planning application.

She is a senior diploma tutor and experienced in people based designs.

In my own words: "As a facilitator I awaken passion, curiousity and commitment through playfulness and creativity. I relish the new opportunities and adventures each course provides. I hold the space for deep exploration and transformation with authenticity and integrity, inviting participants to embrace their potential, respond to life and discover abundance."

Looby has a weekly blog on www.loobymacnamara.com

You can buy signed copies of People and Permaculture direct from Looby at www.spiralsofabundance.com

Looby's events 2014:

7 ways to think differently

embrace potential, respond to life, discover abundance

8th -12th September

(just before the UK convergence at the same site)

Based on Looby's new book 7 ways to think differently - out September 2014

Please register your interest with Mel. 01326 251302 / 07768 193848 or email

These People and Permaculture courses are dedicated to finding solutions for ourselves and our world. We will be looking deeply at the questions - how do we grow ourselves, our friendships, our communities, our human family? This will be a richly nourishing, empowering, and truly life transforming course.

This course is suitable for those who have already done at least an introduction to permaculture course.

This is your opportunity to deepen your learning, consider your contribution to the world and take your next step...

Looby will be running the next People and Permaculture facilitator's course in 2015. Again please register your interest and we will let you know as soon as we have dates confirmed. (please contact: Mel: 01326 251302 / 07768 193848 or email)