Peoplecare and permaculture course
Spiral hands

Ceridwen Centre,
Carmarthen, South Wales

25th September -1st October 2010

Tutors: Looby Macnamara, Stefan Geyer and Jules Heavens

This course is not about growing veggies its about growing YOU

An opportunity to nurture ourselves and explore ways to use permaculture to improve our lives, relationships, work and community.

Designing our dream homes Over the 6 days we will be co-creating a warm, nurturing heartspace to explore the personal and social aspects of permaculture. The national convergence is focusing workshops on peoplecare this year - its the hot topic within permaculuture. Experience peoplecare in action with relaxation, games, music, gong baths, fires, countryside walks as well as deep learning and transformation.

This will be a individual and group journey intinto utilising permaculture principles to design lives rooted in harmony and sustainability, whist developing our personal goals, dreams and visions.

Its time to realise the BIG vision and your part in it

Explore how to bring harmony into your life: reflect on your goals and gain energy and momentum to follow your dreams: and nurture yourself.

Who is this course for?

  • those working towards a holistic sustainable vision for humanity
  • group members wanting a deeper grounding in skills and principles that support healthy relationships
  • anyone starting a new pathway in their lives
  • people involved in creating community self reliance through Transition Town Initiatives

People circle Overall course outline and themes of the day

Saturday: Introductions and overview of peoplecare skills

Sunday: Zone 00 - looking after ou