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Pat Bowcock checking one of her bee hives This course offers an opportunity to spend four inspiring days at Ourganics Evolving Systems, living with the land & learning how Pat Bowcock runs her debt-free permaculture project & business. Pat became steward of the land in 1999 & since then has created a project that attracts hundreds of visitors & helpers every year who come to learn from her & get a taste of the lifestyle. Come & learn how to walk your talk & to live your dream. These four days will be a 'full immersion' experience in living this way, with Pat sharing how she set Ourganics Latest course dates up, how she gathered in the help & resources she needed, what she learned about commercial growing, marketing the business & how she went about getting temporary planning permission to live on the land. Most importantly she will be sharing her thoughts about what she would do differently with hindsight - saving the rest of us the stress & cost of learning the hard way!
Pat Bowcock demonstrating her methods of propagationThis course provides very much a hands-on experience, designed for those who would like to create similar projects for themselves, either individually or as a part of a community. Come ready to get your hands dirty! We will be camping (an 'in-tents' experience!), getting up early, gathering our own water from the nearby spring, cooking together over an open fire, washing in the stream or under the solar shower & there's the beach only a couple of miles away too! In short we will get to live 'low impact' style - which inspires so many people to go home & start doing it for themselves.
Pat in her polytunnelThe experience will teach us far more about ourselves than books ever could. Pat's accumulated wisdom & infectious enthusiasm usually has people hanging around far longer than they originally intended... .
We will be looking at some theory behind running such a project & business, but many of the sessions will be taught through practical experience. We will also be having a lot of fun & savouring the best bits about living this way! The course will include preparing a stall with Pat for the local producers market on the Saturday morning where we will be selling the food we help to harvest from the garden.
Bring your dream with you & develop it along with others who are dreaming along similar lines...